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    Poedit error updating the catalog failed

    For example in https://github.com/umpirsky/Twig-Gettext-Extractor/blob/master/Twig/Gettext/Extractor.php#L70-L88 I had the same, or similar issues, as described here (and in other issues here). After picking Twig-Gettext-Extractor apart and rebuilding it again I found out that I only had to do three things (2 of them not described in the file). I tried to do that but I have yet to solve how that could be done. Can't run application: PATH_TO_PROJECT/vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor --sort-output --force-po -o "/var/folders/7f/hv40gb8x4cgg0v7wsbkm4djr0000gn/T/poedit Q3Mdg2/14extracted.pot" --from-code=UTF-8 -ktranslate -L PHP --files "Application/view/application/index/index.twig" In trace everything looks fine...It seemed that PHP didnt find "gettext" because PHP wasn't allowed to look in /opt/local/bin. Or maybe if you could create a twig-gettext-extractor file that included the vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor file and only had to contain your custom extensions. Trace data before exception: Trace: (poedit.tmp) new temp file /var/folders/7f/hv40gb8x4cgg0v7wsbkm4djr0000gn/T/poeditm G51s W/14Trace: (poedit.execute) /Applications/Poedit.app/Contents/Plug Ins/Gettext Tools.bundle/Contents/Mac OS/bin//Users/urfin/Public/www/xxxx/xxxx/vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor doesn't exist, falling back to /Users/urfin/Public/www/xxxx/xxxx/vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor Trace: (poedit.execute) executing: /Users/urfin/Public/www/xxxx/xxxx/vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor --sort-output --force-po -o "/var/folders/7f/hv40gb8x4cgg0v7wsbkm4djr0000gn/T/poeditm G51s W/14extracted.pot" --from-code=UTF-8 -ktranslate -L PHP --files "Application/view/application/index/index.twig" Trace: (poedit.tmp) keeping temp files in /var/folders/7f/hv40gb8x4cgg0v7wsbkm4djr0000gn/T/poeditm G51s W Trace: (poedit.tmp) removing temp dir /var/folders/7f/hv40gb8x4cgg0v7wsbkm4djr0000gn/T/poeditm G51s W same problem here.You are welcome back in our support forums any time 🙂 For now, I am going to close this thread. /vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor --sort-output --force-po -o "/var/folders/lw/0f57k9dj617_ntr760qw2lcr0000fgp/T/poedit1nmsr R/3extracted.pot" --from-code=UTF-8 -k_ -ktranslate -kset Label -kset Value -kset Legend -k_refresh -L PHP --files "vendor/mylibrary/core/view/ldp/forgot/email.twig" "vendor/mylibrary/core/view/ldp/forgot/index.twig" "vendor/mylibrary/core/view/ldp/login/index.twig" "vendor/mylibrary/core/view/ldp/main/index.twig" "vendor/mylibrary/core/view/ldp/register/index.twig" Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Runtime Exception' with message 'Gettext command "xgettext --sort-output --force-po -o /var/folders/lw/0f57k9dj617_ntr760qw2lcr0000fgp/T/poedit1nmsr R/3--from-code=UTF-8 -k_ -ktranslate -kset Label -kset Value -kset Legend -k_refresh -L PHP /tmp/cache/5279bc643f96f/8c/e1/c60ddc5ef854138efa25631b4b6/tmp/cache/5279bc643f96f/d3/37/bf84f1be48ed8fd950ff618fba22/tmp/cache/5279bc643f96f/a7/e7/56cec92524ceab7ab465d688f936/tmp/cache/5279bc643f96f/73/df/2a5e4848ca69cb43dc05818ce5b0/tmp/cache/5279bc643f96f/82/0b/167d3083d340e123ea9742944113.php" failed with error code 1 and output: ' in code and log information you need to see if files exist at that moment and all data you are inetrested in, right @arekkas? :) It would be nice though if the twig-gettext-extractor could run as a service in a symfony/console command instead though. With --keep-temp-files or with WXTRACE=poedit,poedit.tmp,poedit.execute exception is different: Can't remove directory '/var/folders/7f/hv40gb8x4cgg0v7wsbkm4djr0000gn/T/poedit Q3Mdg2' (error 66: Directory not empty) Can't run application: PATH_TO_PROJECT/vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor --sort-output --force-po -o "/var/folders/7f/hv40gb8x4cgg0v7wsbkm4djr0000gn/T/poedit Q3Mdg2/14extracted.pot" --from-code=UTF-8 -ktranslate -L PHP --files "Application/view/application/index/index.twig" Any idea?If you have a reproducible test case (one that doesn’t take half an eternity to setup), by all means, send it to me to have a look.catalogs editing tool known for its ease of use and fast speed.Over time, it learns enough to fill in frequently used strings for you.Developers can use Poedit to maintain their translation files (or templates) and keep them fresh.

    poedit error updating the catalog failed-81

    After you have downloaded Poedit and installed it, fire the application up and then choose File → New Catalog. ‘Project name and version’ should be your plugin’s name, ‘Charset’ and ‘Source code charset’ should be ‘utf-8’. Here is a screenshot of my parser setup: https:// 2014-05-21 Here is a screenshot of my pot-file catalog properties: https:// 2014-05-21 Im still unsure if the example of ... Platform: Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.4 (14E46) Poeditor: 1.8.3 (3998) with xgettext 0.19.4. I had to copy twig-gettext-extractor from /vendor/bin/ because I needed to add some more extensions. :) I understand that you wanna keep it decoupled from Symfony though. I will probably revisit that again and see if I can put it into the console. When I cleanded the database and alle the fragments in there, all the caches after that, I had the right tranlation for german. As a side note, officially we do not support Qtranslate-X as a multilingual solution. The problem was the plugin qtranslate-x that I deactivated but didn´t delete at all. Best regards Christiane Good evening Christiane, I am super stoked that this was helpful to you.

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